one mo.

mmexport1505448743935.jpgwell it’s been a month.

crazy how fast time goes but at the same time how slow it goes. it feels like julie and i have been dating for a lot longer than a month. not time wise, but just how we are getting so much closer each day. how she encourages me to pursue by dreams. how she wrecks me when i fuck up. how forgiving she is and how understanding she is towards me.

i honestly have never felt like this ever towards another person besides my family and i often wonder, how did this happen?

how am i dating this girl, who has such a beautiful soul and such a loving heart. and she’s freakin cute too. why did all of this come together at this time, a seemingly perfect yet also imperfect time of my life, when i feel ready and have clarity, but her leaving so soon and us having to be apart.



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